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Top Five Corporate Communication Software


Communication is the backbone of a business. With efficient communication software, the chances of success are very high. The corporate communication software is Internet application that enables staff to exchange information and hold discussions. When using the software, you are able to share data that are in different formats, hold a discussion with some of the colleagues or have one conversation with a coworker. The software should be secure since they are holding sensitive information that is transacted by the business entity. Messaging applications, email providers, video conferencing software, VoIP and live chat software are the common kinds of corporate communication software.

Benefits of Using Corporate Communication Software

• Corporate communications software is accessible anytime and as long as you have an Internet connection you can use it from anywhere.
• Online discussions and meetings can be conducted and documented. The discussions and meetings are stored for future references and can be revisited.
• The corporate communication software encourages staff to think before relaying the information.
• The software offers different formats to convey data or information from one individual to another or to a group.
• Finally, it is beneficial to the reserved individuals who is shy to air their points of view in public.

Internal corporate communication software enables you to adjust the setting to the best clarity setup. In order to choose the best software, you'll have to try the products with a free trial. Look for the top corporate communication software available and try each trial version. By working with a trial version, you will be able to sort and come to a conclusion of the best communication software for your organization.

Top 5 Internal Corporate Communication Software

1. ezTalks Meetings

ezTalks Meetings has an HD video with the clear audio property that enables you to communicate comfortably and at your convenience. The software is globally recognized for its secure communication feature and with clarity in both video and audio. Being the leading corporate communication software it has great features that include:

• The software enables to join meeting with ease. When an invitation is sent to members, it only takes a minute to enter their name and meeting number, then they are in the meeting.
• The quality of audio and video is high. ezTalks meeting software offers a variety of resolutions that you can choose from with 1920*1080p being the highest HD resolution.
• It provides you with easy screen sharing and whiteboard sharing to let all of the participants to see what you're showing immediately.
• You are also able to record online meetings so as you can revisit it afterward. When you have a recorded meeting, you can share with other members who were not present.
• It has also live text chat that can be private with a member or publicly with all the members.
• Last but not least, ezTalks Meetings corporate communication software has features to control meeting settings. Being the host of the meeting, you can control how the meeting is going on. For instance, you can mute anyone or even remove someone from the meeting.

corporate communications software

2. HipChat

This is a great corporate communication software that has online presences and collaboration. The software is compatible with many operating systems that include: Android, iOS, Linux, and Windows. It has communication features like video conference, screen, and file sharing. You can communicate with members by using mobile devices. The Internet should be fast to enable effective communication among the members. HipChat notifies of missed calls, messages and invitation via email, mobile notification or in the application.

best corporate communications software

3. Slack

This corporate communication software is a message application that enables real-time communicating with the members. The software has a great archive system whereby you can be able to retrieve messages of before. When searching for archive information, you can filter, sort or directly search for key words.

Slack corporate communication software can be integrated with other services that are external. As long as you have an Internet connection you can connect via Slack by using either iOS or Android operating system with the mobile gadgets.

free corporate communications software

4. Talkdesk

This software is among the top corporate communication software in the market. It helps the enterprise ease the communication among employees, clients and others. Talkdesk has a cloud hub where the calls are managed and directed to respondents. The software eliminates a call assistant by providing with the best platform to manage and handle calls. Talkdesk can be integrated with other systems and applications that enable convenient relay of messages and calls.

communications software for corporate

5. Wrike

Our last one of the internal corporate communication software on the list is Wrike, it is highly appreciated in the market. The software offers a speedy connection and access to the dashboard where you can customize. This software can be best described as the right tool for project management communication

internal corporate communication software


These are among the most appreciated corporate communication software that you can choose from. According to your needs and uses, you can filter the top communication that best suit you.


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