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How good is the NFL Super Bowl?

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Corey Graham Jersey How good is the Super Bowl of the NFL? If, Malcolm Jenkins Jersey in the early years, it was just a North American carnival, its influence has spread all over the world for years. In China, it has also become the general existence of the "alternative Spring Festival Gala". From the social media yesterday morning, many Chinese fans watched the live broadcasts and performances. Corey Clement Jersey Many young people also wore jerseys and helmets for their home team and enjoyed their self-portraits.

In the big day of the Super Bowl Finals this sports fan, even the NBA monopoly ratings on weekdays will also give way to it, Rasul Douglas Jersey on the one hand, in order not to affect the fans watching the Super Bowl, on the other hand, NBA players themselves have to look at the Super Bowl. Jake Elliott Jersey This year's Super Bowl final ended on February 5th, Beijing time at the new Hey Bank Stadium in Viking, Minnesota. The Philadelphia Eagles Jerseys won the championship. Take a look at what this year's Super Bowl looks like. Team history first crown! Kobe is not calm Darren Sproles Jersey.

Nigel Bradham Jersey The traditional giants of the New England Patriots, who were favored before the game, lost their chances to reverse their opponents due to a major missed ball from the core Brady at the crucial moment. They finally lost to the Philadelphia Eagles with 33:41. Jordan Hicks Jersey while the latter won the Super Bowl championship for the first time in history Chuck Bednarik Jersey.

Lane Johnson Jersey In this game, the two teams staged a rare confrontation battle. The Hawks played as a challenger very beautifully. They continued to attack the Patriots who had won the "Super Bowl" and obtained 29:26 at the end of the first three quarters. Leading. Jason Peters Jersey In the fourth quarter, Brady, the soul of the Patriots, made a fatal mistake and eventually failed to reverse it, losing the match with 33:41. Former Lakers Kobe Bryant is a hardcore fan of the Philadelphia Eagles. Before the game, he said on social media that he hopes the Hawks can win. From the video taken by Mrs. Kobe after the game, Kobe was dancing and happy as a child, happy to win the title.


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